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Unlock the Beauty: Your Ultimate Guide to Jewellery Remodelling

Are you tired of your old jewellery sitting untouched, not matching your current style or colour preferences? We have just the solution for you! At Libby Rak Jewellery, we specialise in transforming your beloved heirloom pieces into stunning, personalised designs that truly reflect your individual taste. Join us as we breathe new life into your jewellery, creating pieces that are in perfect harmony with your unique style

Metal Matters

When it comes to working with metals, we want to ensure the best outcome for your remodelled jewellery. While we primarily work with precious metals, it's important to note that not all metals can be melted down. Yellow gold is our top choice, as it tends to be more stable during the heating process. On the other hand, silver and white gold can be trickier, as they are prone to cracking when exposed to oxygen. However, worry not! We have alternative techniques, such as rolling out the metal or casting beautiful ring bands, to utilise your white metals effectively.

Gemstone Brilliance

Gemstones are nature's treasures and deserve our utmost care. With proper treatment and settings, these gems can be enjoyed for generations. Diamonds, with their remarkable durability, are particularly well-suited for longevity. But don't fret if you have other gemstones in your jewellery. We can work with various types, and if your stones have lost their sparkle or acquired scratches, our skilled experts can restore their brilliance through careful repolishing.

Designing Your Vision

Our goal is to bring your design vision to life. When you visit our gallery, our knowledgeable jewellers will guide you through the creative process, offering expert advice and inspiration. Whether it's incorporating your own ideas or suggesting exciting possibilities, we're here to make your jewellery dreams a reality.

Navigating Potential Risks: It's important to acknowledge that working with natural materials always carries some inherent risks. When melting down metals, some may exhibit unexpected behaviour like brittleness or cracking. If this happens, we won't be discouraged! We'll explore alternative approaches to ensure your jewellery turns out beautifully. While extremely rare, there is a minimal risk of stones breaking during removal or resetting. We value transparency, and if any greater risks arise, we'll always keep you informed.

Embracing Sustainability

Remodelling your jewellery isn't just a delightful and creative process; it also contributes to a more sustainable future for the industry. By repurposing the gold and stones you already possess, we collectively take a step towards reducing waste and minimising our environmental impact. It's a meaningful way to enjoy new jewellery while being mindful of our planet.

Remodelling your jewellery is an extraordinary opportunity to breathe new life into your cherished pieces. At Libby Rak Jewellery, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform your old jewellery into stunning, personalised designs that perfectly align with your style. With our expert guidance, meticulous craftsmanship, and a touch of sustainability, you can embark on an exciting journey of reinvention. Let us be your companions on this remarkable adventure, turning your jewellery dreams into stunning reality.

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