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Remodelling Service

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We specialise in remodelling old, unworn, often inherited jewellery in to something new and gorgeous.


Our remodelling service starts at £120 and can go upwards depending on the design you choose and the work involved. Sometimes it is necessary to add new metal or stones which will also add to your final quote. 


The Process


We always start with an initial appointment to discuss what you have in mind, for us to look over your pieces, and to have a look at what can and can't be used. We always reccomend that you bring everything even if you are unsure if we can use it.


From there we come up with a few designs for you to look at along with some quotes and variations. We will include you in every step from design to manufacture. At the end of the process you will recieve a brand new sparkling piece of jewellery and any remaining materials we did not use. We can always come up with something else to use them in!


Please contact us directly for information regarding remodelling your old unworn jewellery.

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